At Quincy University, we strive to make our campus a place where students feel included and welcome. We want every experience on campus designed for student success, and our 房屋系统 creates a positive foundation for our students. QU’s 房屋系统 helps to ensure that all QU students succeed and thrive, whether they live on or off-campus. 

QU’s 房屋系统 includes seven houses, each named for a person who has made important contributions to Quincy University, the Franciscan tradition, or Quincy or the surrounding region. Every new student, including transfer students and commuter students, is assigned to a house. Students remain a member of the same house throughout their time at the university, no matter where they live. Each house has a unique crest, 的座右铭, and mascot and takes part in recreational and service activities, with competitions between houses. 

The Houses (click each for more information)

The Padberg House Crest

The Padberg House is named after Mary Josephine Padberg (Sullivan), the first woman hired to teach at QU. The house 的座右铭 is curiosity, contemplation, and dedication, and the monarch butterfly is its mascot.

The Brinkman House Crest

 The Brinkman House is named after Fr. Gabriel Brinkman, 胶卷暗盒, who served QU for many years as a faculty member and president. The house 的座右铭 is ingenuity, conviction, and ambition, and the painted turtle is its mascot. 

The Cavallo House Crest

 The Cavallo House is named after Edythe Cavallo (Curtright), the first dean of women at QU. The house 的座右铭 is creativity, progress, and passion, and the red fox is its mascot. 

莱克之家 Crest

 莱克之家 is named after Archbishop James Lyke, 胶卷暗盒, who treasured his African American heritage and educated the Church and civic community to know and appreciate its richness. The house 的座右铭 is justice, leadership, and inspiration, and the cardinal is its mascot. 

The Mueller House Crest

 The Mueller House is named after the third QU president Fr. Anselm Muller, 胶卷暗盒, who served the university for over 30 years. The house 的座右铭 is innovation, growth, and vision, and the coyote is its mascot. 

The Tolton House Crest

 The Tolton House is named after Fr. Augustus Tolton, the first Black American priest in the U.S. and a Quincy College alumnus. The house 的座右铭 is courage, perseverance, and dignity, and the peregrine falcon is its mascot. 

幸福之家 Crest

 幸福之家 is named after Elizabeth Anne Bliss (Houlihan), who worked in the home and volunteered for decades with civic and charitable organizations in Galesburg and Knox County. The house 的座右铭 is service, resilience, and resolve, and the owl is its mascot. 

 Quincy University Houses earn points when members demonstrate dedication, positive contribution, 成就, and quality to the campus community. Points can be given at any time throughout the academic year. At the end of the year the house with the most points will be awarded the 修道士杯.